Every athlete, coach, official and spectator should perform a self-wellness check prior to leaving for each game or practice. Any athlete, coach, or spectator with a temperature above 99.5 is required to stay at home. Vulnerable individuals should not participate in or attend any practices or games.

Athletes, coaches, officials and spectators should not and will not be permitted to attend games or practices if they are unwell. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, fever, chills, sore throat or loss of taste or smell, stay home and get better, we look forward to seeing you when you are well. Please follow the same precautions for other transmissible symptoms and illnesses.

Neither athletes, officials nor spectator(s) are permitted to attend or participate in practices or games if they have received a notice from their County Heath Department or physician to quarantine, or have tested positive for COVID-19 within 10 days prior to the game/practice.

If an athlete, official or spectator has come in direct contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 in a prolonged exposure & was not wearing a mask during the exposure we require that you quarantine for 10 days and notify your coaches.

Athletes should also consult his/her physician and follow provided protocol from physician based on that exposure experience.

Face coverings are mandatory for athletes, spectators and coaches. Athletes can remove once on the field. Spectators must follow facility-specific guidelines for social distancing protocols keeping in mind practical precautions that help sports seasons proceed such as limiting spectator numbers, distancing between groups, mask-wearing, sanitization and not gathering.