Mission and Core Values


Who We Are:

Loveland Youth Lacrosse serves as a developmental program for youth lacrosse players. We work to build a passion and love for lacrosse which culminates with success at the High School level.

Guiding Principles

  • Development Over Results:
    • No focus on results before the HS Level
    • All practice plans are constructed and reviewed with the help of High School Coaches and other experts
    • Practices plans are consistent from year to year, and coach to coach
    • We don’t deviate from focus on fundamentals in order to achieve results
    • EQUAL playing time at ALL POSITIONS in grades 2-6. Kids need to play all positions to maximize lacrosse IQ. In grades 7 & 8, playing time will remain equal but may lean toward specific positions.
      • In grades 7 & 8 boys, all players will play but some will play more than others. This is to start their transition to Loveland High School Varsity ball, where the best players play and some players don't get into some games.
    • Families more interested in winning now are recommended to join other local programs.
  • FUN!:
    • Not “silly” fun, but rather the fun that is synonymous with working hard, getting better, feeling supported and being part of a family.
    • Coaches are trained in proactive and encouraging/positive feedback. Berating kids for mistakes is not tolerated, and year-end coaching surveys are used annually to improve the children’s experience.
    • Kids are encouraged to play loose and never afraid to make a mistake. Coaches are trained on how to accomplish this.
    • Practices are progressively designed to include a heavy mix of fun activities at younger ages
    • Zero Tolerance Policy for coaches, parents or players who interfere with a nurturing environment
  • Inclusion:
    • ALL players are welcome and given equal opportunity to succeed.
    • Financial assistance is available for those in need.
    • Players are constantly reminded of the importance of being great teammates by always acting with compassion, understanding and tolerance.
    • Our most talented or experienced athletes are treated the same as those playing for the first time.
    • Annual, pre-season clinics are held for beginners to help prepare them – mentally and physically – for the season ahead.
  • Family Balance:
    • Our season runs only 10-12 weeks a year leaving parents free from emails, commitments, or obligations. We are happy to recommend other leagues, camps or clinics for those wanting to play in the off-season.
    • Coaches are given tools to make communication easy
    • We encourage kids to play other sports and don’t interfere with this outside of our Spring season.
    • We keep costs as low as possible and run a true non-profit.
    • We do not artificially inflate pressure or guilt on children with unreasonable or year-round obligations
    • We do not play or practice on Holidays or Spring Break
  • Respect:
    • Our coaches will always respect our parents and athletes by being prepared, positive and understanding.
    • Our parents are always expected to show respect to coaches and ALL our players. We encourage rooting for ALL players (not just your child) with positive feedback, we ask you not coach from the sidelines, and we provide training on how to talk to children before/during and after games.
    • Our players must come to practice ready to have fun, support teammates, work hard and listen to coaches.