Parent's Challenge

Loveland Lacrosse is committed to providing the best possible environment for our youth athletes to thrive in. We challenge parents to help by adhering to the following, simple requests:

  1. Support all athletes and make no negative comments from the sidelines. Do not cheer only for your child -cheer for them all!  And never demean any player – including your son or daughter. A neutral observer should not be able to tell who your child is.
  2. We discourage rewarding your child for goals scored. We find these motivations incentivize selfish play.
  3. Use the time after games to support your child. Let them know it was fun watching them play.  The car ride home is often listed as the #1 reason kids quit sports, due to the perceived lack of support from parents.
  4. Support our focus on development over results. We believe in "Teach Now, Win Later". At the youth level, please be more concerned with a developing skill set and enjoyment of sport than anything else.
  5. Do not coach from the sidelines. Even if it seems harmless, it might conflict with what the coach is currently teaching your player.
  6. Never, ever address a referee. This is always ugly and we promise they are not out to get us. Also, with the complexity of the game and fluidity of the rules from season to season, there is a good chance you may be mistaken with your thoughts on what the rule should be.
  7. Communicate with your coaches. Our volunteer parent coaches really appreciate knowing who will be at games and practices. They put a lot of work into the season being great.
  8. Empower your child. Make them responsible for bringing equipment and water to games and practices.